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In today’s business world we are surrounded by data, Data analysis, data processing and of course, data protection. Up until recent years, data protection was never examined with such scrutiny. In May 2018, under the EU Protection Data Directive, Ireland will establish a new General Data Protection Regulator (GDPR). Couple this with the recent “Wannacry” cyber attacks, it is now more important than ever for companies to establish a high quality secure IT infrastructure.


Why Printers and MFP’s are important?


Many printers and Multi Function devices are often overlooked when it comes to IT security measurements. Considering that these machines hold and process vast levels of data on a daily basis, these devices are just as vulnerable as other networked devices. According to the latest Quocirca reports, up to 70% of companies have experienced a data breach through their printing devices. These devices must be an essential component of any security measurement when being implemented.


Many companies understand that there will be no one size fits all solution when it comes to GDPR.  A software solution such as Ysoft, ensures no hard copies are left uncollected on devices while also tracking who has printed what and when. This level of protection ensures that there are no leaks.


Why Xerox and National Business Machines?


Most printers and MFP devices come with data encryption and image overwrite. However, Xerox machines go one step further with McAfee embedded software. As mentioned earlier, combined with a solution such as Ysoft, along with rules and print policy compliance, this will ensure that data is protected as well as full traceability and accountability. As part of any Managed Print Office Assessment it is now more important than ever to talk about how data is protected, just as much as volumes, costs and how these efficiencies can be implemented across the organisation.


At National Business Machines we investigate how the 3 pillars of IT security, people process and technology affects your organisation and how we can guide you, ensuring that your Managed Print Service is ready for a new era in IT security.


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