The Nagle Centre is pleased to partner with the Irish Computer Society (ICS) Foundation to introduce a hands-on and practical IT course, Digital Skills for Citizens. This free five-week course, commencing January 29th is funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

The course is primarily aimed at those who have not engaged with the digital world and will give students the skills, information and knowledge to take their first online steps.

According to Emma Greene, Nagle Centre IT tutor, this course is ideal for those who have little or no IT experience. “The course is the perfect springboard for anyone who wants to learn basic, yet essential IT skills. In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s becoming more and more necessary to be able to communicate online. From paying bills, to setting up online bank accounts or sending emails for work purposes or just to keep in touch with family and friends, this is the first step to navigating the internet safely and with confidence.”

“Over the five weeks our students will learn about the internet, with emphasis on online safety and security, how to set up emails, search the web and use mobile apps. The course is designed with the absolute beginner in mind, so the step-by-step breakdowns are easy to follow and not daunting in the least.”

“Our partnership with the ICS Foundation, which advocates for and promotes digital inclusion, will encourage more and more people, particularly those with no previous experience to dip their toes into the digital world.”

If you want to take the first steps in 2018 to becoming the “new digital you” and find out more about the Nagle Centre’s free Digital Skills for Citizens morning and evening courses call the Nagle Centre, Millennium Building, Church Road, Lisduggan, Waterford on 051 357731 or visit

Home Instead Senior Care will hold Open Days in Waterford and Dungarvan over the coming weeks to meet with those who are thinking about a career change or a return to the workplace in the New Year.

Danette Connolly, Director of Care, Home Instead Senior Care said that the New Year is traditionally a very popular time for many to consider new careers or a return to the workforce.  With an increasingly ageing population and a focus on delivering quality care in the community, job opportunities in this sector are plentiful, with Home Instead Senior Care planning to double the number of CAREGivers it employs in 2018.

“Many of us start the new year with intentions of fulfilling a new goal or personal achievement.  For many that might mean re-evaluating our careers and for others it might be about returning to the jobs market.”

“Our Recruitment Open Days in Waterford and Dungarvan will give those who are thinking about a caregiving role the opportunity to ascertain if it’s the right move for them.  Many of our CAREGivers have returned to work after a gap as their circumstances may have changed, and they would like to do something fulfilling and rewarding, but yet would like to work flexible hours and more importantly, work locally.”

“Home Instead Senior Care provides a meaningful care service and works with a wide range of senior clients and their families who have different requirements.  Some may simply require friendly company and someone to talk to, while others require assistance with many day-to-day tasks, such as shopping, meal preparation and laundry.  As life expectancy is increasing and we are living longer, there clearly is a demand for this practical and positive service to the ageing population.”

Home Instead Senior Care provides comprehensive training to new employees and can also advise on other recommended courses depending on the level of care a person is interested in providing.

If you would like to find out about working in home care Home Instead Senior Care will hold open days from 10am to 4pm on Tuesday, January 23rd at the Park Hotel, Dungarvan and on Wednesday, January 24th at Home Instead Senior Care, Cleaboy Business Park, Old Kilmeaden Road, Waterford.

For further information about becoming a CAREGiver call 051 333966 or visit

Date: Wednesday, 24th Jan 2018

Time: 6.30-7.00pm - registration and refreshments. 7.00-8.10pm - presentation 

Venue: The Granville Hotel, Waterford

Cost: Free of charge

Please provide your organisation/company name and job title when booking.

This event will focus on negotiations in the workplace. It will examine how negotiation and dispute resolution theory translates into the real world. It will look at examples of negotiations that have gone well and some that have gone badly. It will look at some of the differences and nuances between private and public negotiations. It will look at when a conflict spills over into an industrial dispute. It will look at some recommended strategies and guidance for an employer/business.

Who will benefit?

Those involved in management decision making, labour relations, wage negotiations, human resources etc.


Turlough O’Sullivan – Managing Director of Resolve Ireland

Turlough served as Director General of IBEC from 2000-2009. He was a member of the Executive Board of Business Europe, the Council of the International Organisation of Employers, a member of the National Implementation Body, the National Economic and Social Council and a board member of the Labour Relations Commission.

Full details and book Waterford event

The Mediation Act is now in force - What does this mean for you?

By Dr Róisín O’ Shea & Dr Sinead Conneely

On January 1st 2018, the Mediation Act became law, and we finally have the much-needed foundation for the development of mediation in Ireland.

Although Mediation has been successfully used to resolve disputes for decades in Ireland, the statutory promotion and regulation of the profession of mediation in Ireland has, up until now, been absent. According to the CEDR Ireland/Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA) Audit 2013, mediations have increased by 739% between 2003 and 2012 and 73% of all mediations surveyed reached agreement.

With mediation clearly gaining ground in recent years as a dispute resolution alternative to court proceedings, the publishing of the draft Mediation bill in early 2012 by then Minister for Justice Alan Shatter, was an exciting moment for those of us involved in the field of mediation. However, it has taken almost 6 more years for that legislation to get over the line.

The Mediation Act applies to all mediated disputes, including commercial civil disputes and family law disputes. The greatest area of uptake of mediation to date, nationally, is in relation to family disputes. Family Mediation has historically been offered through the state-run Family Mediation Service (FMS), research projects, community offerings and private mediators. Based on international research, family conflict derives the most benefit from mediation intervention at an early stage, with binding agreements which can be enforced.

What is mediation?

The new Act defines mediation as “a confidential, facilitative and voluntary process in which parties to a dispute, with the assistance of a mediator, attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve the dispute”. It is voluntary, confidential, and is a process facilitated by a mediator or mediators, who assist parties to arrive at their own decisions. Any resolution reached will be set out in a written agreement, which the Act refers to as a “mediation settlement”, and that agreement is signed by the parties and the mediator or mediators.

So what will this new piece of law mean for you?

For the first time, there is now a statutory obligation to consider mediation before making a court application for any civil dispute, whether it be a probate dispute, a breach of contract or a family law matter, and anyone who wishes to litigate a dispute must confirm to the courts that they have considered mediation. The Act applies to all litigation disputes apart from arbitration, certain disputes under tax and customs legislation, and proceedings under the Domestic Violence Acts or Child Care Acts. Your solicitor, before issuing proceedings, must now advise you about the advantages and benefits of mediation, and provide information on mediation to include the contact details of persons who provide mediation services. If you decide you don’t want to try mediation, then your solicitor must complete a statutory declaration to say that they have fulfilled their duty to make you aware of the benefits of mediation and have provided the relevant information to you. When your case comes before the judge, he or she, or on the application of the other party, may invite you to once again consider mediation. If you refuse to consider or attend mediation, a judge may now award costs against you, if he or she feels that your refusal is unreasonable.

What is the role of the Mediator?

The Act says that before mediation commences a mediator must provide you and any other party with an “agreement to mediate” which should set out the structure, timetable, and process, their terms and conditions to include what the charges will be and how fees will be paid, the confidential nature of the process, the right to seek legal advice, and the manner in which mediation may be terminated. The mediator must make reasonable enquiries to check that he or she does not have a conflict of interest, and provide you with relevant details such as their qualifications, their training and experience, any ongoing continuing professional development training, and a copy of any code of practice that may be approved by the Minister.  

The Act requires the mediator to act impartially and in a fair manner, completing the mediation as expeditiously as possible in the circumstances. The outcome of mediation must be determined by the parties, although the mediator may make proposals for resolution of the dispute when requested to do so by the parties, and the parties can decide whether to accept such proposals.

What does the Act say about Confidentiality?

The Act supports the confidentiality of the mediation process. All communications, including any oral statements, and any notes and records relating to mediation are confidential and may not be disclosed. Clarity is also provided in terms of when confidentiality would not apply, which includes where it is necessary for the performance or enforcement of a mediation settlement; where material introduced into mediation is normally admissible or subject to discovery in legal proceedings; where it is necessary to prevent physical or psychological injury to a party; where disclosure may be required by law, or required to prevent or reveal a criminal matter, or where it is necessary to prove or disprove a claim of misconduct or negligence against a mediator.

Are Mediated Agreements Enforceable?

There has been much debate in the last few years about the enforceability of signed mediated agreements, although any such agreement that was intended to be legally-binding could of course be enforced as a contract. The Act provides clarity on enforceability, and says that the parties to a mediation can decide if a mediated settlement (agreement) is intended to be legally binding, and if they do intend the agreement to have legal force, it is enforceable as a contract. Any such agreement must be based on full and mutual disclosure of assets, and it must not be contrary to public policy. Before any settlement agreement is signed the mediator must ensure that the parties are aware of their rights to each obtain independent advice, to include legal advice. Other advices may be required on matters such as taxation, the valuation of assets etc. The Act also provides that you can have a mediation settlement (agreement) that is not intended to be legally binding. So long as this is stated in the agreement, then it will have no legal force, until some later date, when the terms of that agreement are incorporated into another agreement that is intended to be legally binding.

When can I engage in Mediation?

You can engage in mediation at any time, even when proceedings have been issued, up until the point that the Court makes a final determination. As it is a voluntary process, all parties must agree to participate. If you are invited by the judge to try mediation, and all parties agree, then your case can be adjourned to allow time for mediation to take place.

What is a Mediator Report?  

Where your case is adjourned, following an invitation by the judge to attend mediation, but the case comes back to court, the mediator must prepare a “written report” for the judge. This report must indicate why mediation did not take place, or where mediation did commence, the mediator must indicate if a mediation settlement was reached, and whether that agreement dealt with some or all of the issues. The mediator must provide a copy of this report to the parties at least 7 days before it is submitted to the court.

What are the obligations of solicitors?

During the process of mediation a client may seek legal advice from their solicitor at any time, and in some cases the solicitor may be asked to attend mediation with their client. Should the client wish for proceedings to be initiated, the solicitor must complete a statutory declaration, evidencing that the solicitor has performed his or her obligations under this section to provide information on the benefits and advantages of mediation, rather than litigating.

What is the Mediation Council?

An exciting new edition to the Mediation Act is the establishment of the Mediation Council of Ireland. The Council will be comprised of at least 11 members, and of those, 5 members shall be representative of bodies promoting mediation services or representing the interests of mediators, and the remaining 6 members shall represent the public interest and be persons who are independent of the interests of mediators. The Council will promote awareness of mediation and will oversee the development of standards in the profession, and will maintain a register of all mediators practicing in the State.


This area has been in need of legislation for years, and has been put back time and again due to more urgent legislative initiatives. The Act is likely to increase the number of mediations and there will be teething problems along the way, not least of which will be the coming together of the diverse range of bodies involved in mediation in Ireland, to enable the adoption of a Code of Practice, and the establishment of the self-financing Mediation Council and a national register of mediators. However, this Act is finally the much-needed fertile ground in which the profession of mediation can thrive and, in turn, effectively serve the needs of people in Ireland who find themselves in conflict.

[Dr O’Shea is an award winning former Irish Research Council scholar and mediator, who was awarded a Ph.D. in 2014 for her doctoral research on Judicial Separation and Divorce in the Circuit Court, Ireland, which included an international analysis of the delivery of family mediation. She is a Partner in Arc Mediation, and the Principal investigator for Waterford Institute of Technology’s Family Mediation Project which is trialling a family mediation process she developed, informed by global innovations. Dr O’ Shea and project Co-ordinator Dr Sinead Conneely were invited by the Department of Justice as “relevant stakeholders” to make submissions on the draft Mediation Act 2017. The Family Mediation Project will be launched in Dublin in early 2018.]

10th, 17th & 24th JAN First Aid Responder Training (2.5 Days)

23rd – 23th JAN IOSH Managing Safely Training

30th JAN VDU Assessors Training

8th FEB Risk Assessment Training

15th FEB 1 Day Essential Employee H&S Training

22nd FEB Design Risk Assessment Training – affiliated with Engineers Ireland

23rd FEB PSDP Training – affiliated with Engineers Ireland

Why choose LCE Training Academy for your Health and Safety Training?           

  • *5% discount on any of our training courses for Waterford Chamber Members (*only one discount applied at any one time)
  • We are an ETB approved Training Centre so you know you are in a one of the best venues in the South East.
  • All our trainers are qualified, competent and have a vast amount of experience in their particular area of expertise.
  • LCE training courses provide attendees with the knowledge and capabilities to become more compliant within your organisation, promote efficiency and reach the highest standards in health and safety.
  • LCE Training courses are delivered in a professional, yet informal environment whilst adhering to the recommendations of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).


If your particular area of concern is not listed above, please contact us on 051 364344, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out our website


Home Instead ChristmascareThe Christmas period gives us the opportunity to spend more time with our family and friends.  Home Instead Senior Care is advising over the holiday season to keep an eye out for tell tale signs that our elderly parents or relatives may need more help.

Danette Connolly, Director of Care at Home Instead Senior Care, Waterford said “Over the holiday season we tend to spend more time with our parents, grandparents or senior relatives so it is a good opportunity to make sure that are looking after themselves properly, have sufficient food and heat and are safe in their homes.”

The warning signs that indicate an ageing parent or relative may need more help at home include:

  • Do they seem to be eating well or is food spoiling in the fridge?
  • Have they stopped doing daily grooming rituals like taking a shower or fixing their hair?
  • Are they taking the right medications in the right doses at the right times?
  • Does their car have new scratches or dents?
  • Is mail or newspapers piling up without being read?
  • Are they using furniture, towel bars or shower curtains to pull themselves up to stand?

As you go home again over the festive period be aware of the things that may be changing for your senior relatives.  Be ready to spot the signs, have those tough conversations and help them get the support they need to remain happy and safe in their own home as long as possible.

Home Instead Senior Care provides services to seniors in their own homes and is approved by the HSE. Its caregivers help clients maintain their independence by assisting them with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, laundry, shopping, light housekeeping, driving and incidental transportation.

To find out more about Home Instead Senior Care Waterford call 051 333966 or 058 75298 or visit

UPMC Whitfield Joint CommissionFor the fourth time since 2008, UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre in Waterford has successfully achieved accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI). This recognition is based on an extensive review of the centre’s patient safety and quality standards and processes.

The JCI is the recognised leader in international health care accreditation and is considered the gold standard in global health care. Its accreditation process focuses on determining whether a health care facility has the right systems and processes in place to support high-quality and safe patient care, and has the culture and capacity to continuously improve care. JCI’s surveyors examine crucial issues such as patient and family education, access to care and medication management. The process requires hospitals to demonstrate a track record of standards compliance and relies on candid interviews with patients, nurses and physicians about care practices.

“The success of this, our fourth, accreditation survey reflects the ongoing efforts of the whole Cancer Centre team and their dedication to continuing to provide a quality service to all cancer patients in the southeast region,” said Catriona McDonald, director of operations.

“Demonstrating compliance with JCI standards serves as validation of an organization’s commitment to an internationally recognized, time-tested and comprehensive level of quality,” explained Cheryl Brill, UPMC’s senior vice president of international clinical operations and quality. “This outstanding result is a testament to the UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre staff and to their commitment to excellence in the treatment of patients.”

Since 2006, UPMC Whitfield Cancer Centre has offered the most advanced radiation therapy, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy and image-guided radiation therapy, to residents of the southeast region of Ireland. One of only four ambulatory care centres to be JCI-accredited in Ireland, the centre is committed to delivering the highest standard of radiation therapy and supportive care for patients with all types of cancer.

Ardkeen QFS Hamper

Make a lasting impression with our expertly curated gift hampers, say thank you to loyal clients or reward colleagues with the world’s best selection of Irish artisan food, tailored to suit every taste and budget.

Nationwide delivery just €5 during November & December.

View the full range on or contact Christine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 051 874620 to discuss your requirements.

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